I remember being about 13 and asking my Mom why my friends had boobs and I didn’t.

She said “Don’t worry sweetheart they’ll come through soon.”

Before I knew it I was 16 and I still barely had any boobs at all.

I don’t know what it’s like today but back when I was at school boys and especially girls could be very mean.

I was teased a lot about the size of my boobs which really damaged my self confidence.

A lot of time went by and I turned 26 a few months ago.

Even after all those years I was still very self conscious about the size of my breasts so I began thinking about surgery.

I had some money saved up.

It’s expensive but I was seriously considering it because I knew it would make me happier and help boost my confidence.

So with a bit of money in the bank I decided to go on Google to see if there were any good local surgeons and that’s when I found this ad for a product called Breast Actives.

It was a lot cheaper than surgery and after reading through some positive Breast Active reviews I decided to give it a shot.

I thought I’d give it a try just incase it worked before I spent all that money on breast enlargement surgery.

I didn’t have to wait long after ordering before a package arrived containing 5 bottles of Breast Actives.

(They had a special offer on for buy 3 get 2 free)


I was excited to get started but also a bit nervous that it wouldn’t work for me.

So I just kept my fingers crossed and followed the instructions.

The instructions are pretty simple by the way.

Just take one pill with your first meal and rub a bit of the Breast Actives cream into your breasts.

Obviously use the cream after you’ve showered so that you don’t waste any.

So Does Breast Actives Work or Not?

For the first 2 weeks I didn’t really notice much of a difference but i knew I had to be patient.

But after about 4 weeks I noticed that my breasts were looking a bit more “plump” if that’s the right word.

It’s funny because after about 6 weeks of taking Breast Actives my friend and I met up to have a coffee on a Sunday afternoon and when I took my coat off she said..

“Clare have you had a boob job?”

I said “Nope, why?”

“Oh nothing they just look big today.”


I felt guilty about not telling her about Breast Actives but at the time I wanted to keep it a secret.

I felt so happy that afternoon that someone had actually noticed a change.

So now I’ve been using Breast Actives for a total of 5 months and am pretty much out of my supply and I just feel like ly results have been life changing.

(Yeah, I know that sounds corny. lol)

Anyway here’s my Breast Actives before and after photos..


I had hoped that increasing the size of my breasts would give me more confidence and it definitely has.

I don’t feel the need to wear sweaters and cover my chest so much anymore because I feel happier in my own skin.

And I swear to god that guys treat me a lot better now than they did before. 🙂

Plus I saved myself thousands on not having to get surgery which is very nice.

All I can say is if you’re not happy with the size of your breasts and would like to make them bigger then give Breast Actives a try from their website here.LINK

It’ll take some time but I think you’ll be surprised at how good it works.

Warning: I’ve heard that there are lots of fakes being sold on Amazon so make sure you purchase from the official website at BreastActives.com

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